Wooden Wars: Queen Victoria's Robot armies WIP

Freder: It was their hands that built this city of ours, Father. But where do the hands belong in your scheme?
Joh Frederson: In their proper place, the depths. "
~ Metropolis 
They laz horses, don't they?

My first cuts. These now hang on my wall.

After over a month of Tinkering, pounding, sacrificing and cursing like a sailor, my Laser- inator is up and running. Production has started in fulfilling my kickstarter backer rewards.  Once all my backers are covered, I'll be able to start producing for sale and will have a full launch of my website- so stay tuned!

While the machine is running, I am putting together and painting some Queen Victoria's Robot Wars Armies. These are also Kickstarter rewards, some of which will be featured in two games at Dundercon this coming February.  
Human infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Two mighty Robot legions for review.

Steel Dragoons WIP
Two foot officer "conversions".

EMT rushes in with 10cc's of glue!

Sneak peek: The V-Rex
Here we have side by side a Steel dragoon mount, and the Venasuarus Rex, or V-Rex for short. The latter are the mounts for the indigenous Cytherean race what lives on Venus and the inspiration for the Automatonic version.  Some Human officers have been known to master one of these ferocious mounts. 
Captain Hedglin oversees production for his regiment.

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