Wooden Wars: Brits and Shiny Bits!

"A king who wants to maintain an army can never have too much gold."
~Sir Thomas Moore

The British are coming! 

Artwork this time around for upcoming Wooden Wars soldiers.   Working on the "British" counterparts to my "French" forces. 
The Trick with this fellow is fitting all his hats onto a sprue.

The Infantry man sports the Peninsular type shako, as it just has a better silhouette than the stovepipe version IMHO.  He can also be fitted out with the bear skin for guard troops.
Campaign medals:

I've finished up the art for the campaign medals. This is shot of the "Camera Ready" sprue to be prototyped.  In case you haven't been following, we have, from the top left to right:  Wooden Wars Kickstarter cameo medal, Stretchenheim,  The Order of the Steel Dragoon, Hypzig, and Fundedburg.

The amazing dice masters at Chessex are creating official Wooden Wars dice for me. This is better than winning an Oscar! 

That's all for now.  Next update We'll talk rules, Tesla gun crews,  and my setting up a nursery for the laser cutter's arrival!


  1. All very nice - especially the DICE!! I just love DICE!! How does one get hold of some Wooden Wars dice?


  2. Are those crowned heads 6s or 1s?

  3. Archduke- 6's of course! I'm having all the other pips replaced with 6's on my personal dice :)

    Furt- Yes, these will be available When I launch my website, Circa December! Probably in 3 colors.

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