Wooden Wars: ADC’s on Parade, Rules updates and Shiny new Batons

"I would venture to warn against too great intimacy with artists as it is very seductive and a little dangerous."
~ Queen Victoria

Model variations built from the ADC sprue

I realized that I have had my nose to the grindstone way too long and it was time to come for a bit of air and a blog update!  This time we’ll be looking at more build-outs of the new Aide-de-camp and a painted version.
ADC to a General of Division

New "swallow-tail" shabraque can be used on many cav' models.

Note: the sabre is a separate piece.

 I really enjoyed painting this fellow up. With so many options in the ADC uniform milieu, I stuck to more or less the traditional colors and look of an Aide-de-camp for a General du Division.  The next one, or three, I'll go bonkers on, no doubt.

This is currently getting the color treatment!

I've had a couple of you inquire about the Wooden Wars rules. They are currently in the editing phase, and I am also working on the campaign rules and map.  As the  Queen Victoria’s Robot Wars (QVRW) has expanded, I am looking at inserting a couple of pages for “VSF” rules to cover things like robots, Tesla cannon, etc.   The core rules still stand for all genres, but variations will be added. Tesla cannons for instance can roll 1d3 per gun and fire that many balls!

I remembered to follow the light source all the way... on the red one.

Here we have a couple of official Wooden Wars marshal’s gaming batons, used for movement in the game.  

This is a swatch of the colors showing what I use to make gold/brass. Using this palette, the color comes out looking a bit more “lithograph” than realism, but that’s the effect I am trying for. If you want a more subdued color, swap out Snakebite with a Raw Umber and Vomit Brown with Yellow Ochre.

What colors do you use for NMM gold or brass?  I’d love to know.


  1. Queen Victoria was not the ignorant snot-nosed prude history often makes her out to be, oh, dear me, no. Dear little Vicky was a little raver she was - or would have been were it not for a certain regard for what was right and proper...

    Leaving that aside, it's great to see this enterprise growing and burgeoning as it is...

  2. Archduke- Yeah, I figure you don't reign till age 82, and half as many child births without being a tough cookie.
    Thanks for keeping tabs on Wooden Wars!