Wooden Wars : aide-de-camp and baton review... oh, and some Aliens!

" Ack ack... Ack ack ack - ack ack!
                                                                                                                        ~ Martian

 ADC for review
After a furious full night's sleep, I've started getting back into running mode!  The (first) laser cutter is on order, and I've received a few prototypes back from UMAKE  for review. Let's take a look-see.

First up is the aide-de-camp.  Overall, I'm super happy with him. The lines are coming out clean  and the model fits together easily and well. Currently, the saddle and bicorn slots are a bit large, so those will be fixed before I go into full production.  But, this is the first time I've made the left arm a separate piece instead of just holding reigns. Although I wouldn't do this on all cav' models, I think for this fellow it really adds to his repertoire.

With this style of uniform, this fellow could easily be used for Grenadiers a Cheval (with a bearskin) or a put on the shako and create units of  Gendarmes d'Ordnance.   Again, he comes with lots of parts for sharing. I've already taken the spyglass arm and put it on an artillery officer!

Here we have the "official" Skull and Crown Wooden Wars Baton - version 1.  I know me, so I'm versioning them, as I'm sure I'll want to make another style. I'm open to suggestions!

Again, this came out great, goes together very easily, and comes with 3 reinforcement coins. It measures just shy of 30 cm. I am very much looking forward to painting these!

Yes- my game has wood... and balls!

Modelled by Hop, the Empress's personal body guard.

Cythereans: inhabitants of Venus

A clear view of the Cytherean methane breathing apparatus.

For those of you who didn't follow my Kickstarter, here are the rough drawings for the first of the indigenous planetary races, the Cythereans.  These stout lads ride upon even stouter mounts, commonly referred to by Her Majesties' troops as "Venusaurs".  It was from this creature that the Steel Dragoon robotic version was developed.

Those legs were made for walking, stomping, rending...
I'm going to change up the saddle a bit.
That's all for now.  Next time, we'll have more updates, sketches of Queen Victoria's Human troops,  more prototypes and hopefully some more painted stuff.


  1. Excellent work so far. The Cytherean design really fits into the style you are using, while still looking distinctive and alien. The Venusaurs can breath oxygen, unlike the Cythereans, though?

    I would really like to feature your game system and models in some way in an issue of The Campaigner. Email me if you are interested(contact(at)thecampaignermagazine.com).

    1. Ahoy Mathew- I'm rather keen on the Cythereans as well, but can't take full credit from them. The original concept squiggle came from the talented Matt Harvey, who sent me a sheet of Robot squiggles when I was designing for QVRW. this guy was in the upper corner and really caught my imagination- so I ran with it!

      Regarding Venusaurs- Her Majesty's Royal zookeepers have yet to catch a live one, so are unsure how they breathe.

      Last but not least- yes I'd love to talk more about Campaigner- I'll email you off blog, as it were.

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