Wooden Wars: Kickstarter Victory!

the lads have something to tell you!

Congratulations from all of us at Fossling Proving grounds to all of you who backed and or provided encouragement on a smashingly  victorious kickstarter campaign!  I am squinty-eye smiling at your proven excitement level in Wooden Wars, and look forward to getting email after email chock full of battle reports and photos from the front!  Truly, sincerely, thank you.

 Over the next week I get to order the first of the laser cutting machines, and finish up a few drawings for the latest models. Keep a weather eye on prototypes, more art and, well, who knows!

Cheers, thank you again, and in the words of Calvin (or was it Hobbes) , " Medals for everyone!" 

Apparently forming "A is too rich a target to pass up!


  1. hi friend! congrats for your project victory! now that its over, where i can go to buy some?

    international shipping needs :)

    1. Rafael- thank you for your kind words. The plan is to have my website up and running to sell Wooden Wars stuff before December. International shipping not a prob! Keep watching the blog for more updates!

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