Wooden Wars : The British ...and Robots... are coming!

" I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me."
    ~ Duke of Wellington

pencil sketch of the British style infantry model.

checking that everything fits together.

Truth be told, I have gotten a bit tired of painting French style uniforms red and pretending they are "Brits".  Sure they also make great Swiss, but I was missing my cool stovepipe shakos - so, I'm making them!  Again, remember these are "Iconic" designs; the goal is to hit the right notes with the uniform and silhouette.   With my Kickstarter going strong, I'm burning the midnight oil, AND coal, to keep up.  So here you go - lots of art for you! 

Top down of British and French style guns

Along with the British-style uniform comes the British-style cannon, with that cool single trail.  This was a "two-fer" as it will be used for the Tesla cannon as well. Oh, and I can use it for ACW, too. Hmmm...

When it comes to things like guns, I always have to make a mock up or two to prove they can be assembled easily, to test structure, and validate the aesthetics.  

Queen Victoria's Robot WarsTM: Steel Dragoon and Tesla Cannon!

This uniform and that of the 17th lancers were the inspiration.

Pencil draft. I opted for Jodhpurs and boots because they look cooler!
Based upon the Organic Cytherean mounts the Steel dragoons are tough.

This jaunty lad is the Steel dragoon cavalry for my upcoming Queen Victoria's Robot Wars expansion for Wooden Wars.  It's steampunk, where the Queen is a Robot and Prince Albert is literally in a can!  The troops are a mix of human, Automaton/robots and Cythereans,  indigenous gentlemen found on Venus. Yeah, you heard me, Cythereans

Actual size... to this guy.

The rider sits just a bit higher than on a horse.
The coveted Steel Dragoon
Double shot of Zap! 

Typical of many guns of the Victorian period, the Tesla cannon uses the standard British  gun carriage. The gun however really packs a punch! 

I reworked the gun holdy bits on the carriage. they are taller and shorter.

The business end!

 Current range tests at Fossling proving grounds use the following rule. Tesla gun batteries can fire normally  (one ball per gun in battery) or they can charge up the guns. This means roll a d3 for each gun; your roll will be how many balls you toss! This means that a 3 gun battery could toss 9 balls at once- However... the power of the guns is so strong, that the gun crew must roll dodge ball saves when they charge up the guns, or be knocked over themselves!   I have to say that so far not a turn has gone by that the guns don't get charged up!  

 More testing is needed. Which reminds me, we are hiring gun crews...

That's all for now - I'll be really busy for a few weeks. Looking forward to announcing more cool stuff at a later date, but will try to get another post up next week so you know I'm still alive.   As always, I enjoy your feedback, so keep it coming.
Cheers, and thanks to all of you for getting the word out on my Kickstarter!


  1. What fun, these are absolutely wonderful I grew up on H G Wells (first wargames book read at 13 years of age and my very first army was a wooden one from way back when) you inspire me and I will try to build up some of these myself. Thank-you Jules.