Wooden Wars : Hearts of (3mm) Birch

Duke of Wellington:  The whole line will advance.
Lord Uxbridge:  In which direction your grace?
Duke of Wellington:  Why, straight ahead to be sure.
~ Waterloo - movie, 1970
Cover Art for the rules! Line art by Colin Upton, color by Carmen C.

Things are starting to gain steam here at the Fossling Proving Grounds! This week, I've secured  my company name (more on that later) and am working with a Freight broker to get my laser cutter imported.  While that's going on, the garage is being rewired and I'm putting down a new floor in the designated work area. It's like building a nursery for a machine!  The rules are coming together and pics and artwork are being added. Hopefully they will be done in a couple of weeks! 

Trying the bearskin on for size at Sierra Toy Solider Company

I am close to finishing all the artwork for the Kickstarter, with only the Tesla gun crew, the Emperor and the Empress to complete.  As I complete a model's line, I  send it up to UMAKE for prototyping, so when I'm ready to roll, all kinks have already been worked out.  I cannot speak highly enough of UMAKE, without their professional help, insight, and friendship  Wooden Wars would not have come so far so quickly.
Enough talk, here's some pictures! 

British Infantry and Foot Officer Prototypes

Here we have the new "British" line: infantry man, and a foot officer; both sport the "belgic" style shako.  I purposely designed these strapping lads to be slightly larger than their French counterparts. It just seemed the right thing to do - ignoring the fact that they are a 1-2mm larger target :)   Actually, as you can see in the side by side, they all come out to about the same when plumed and all. 

Another case of Plume Envy...

The officer can wear either a shako or the bicorn. Due the scale of the bicorn, there was only enough room for one arm variant on the sprue, but it can be positioned in a multitude of ways - and you can also use arms from the mounted officer and ADC models for additional variants. Likewise, the bicorn can be used on other figures.
The figures assembled very well, and the only two adjustments I am going to make are to tighten up the bicorn slot a bit, and add a cord to the infantry man's shako.  

I'm still up in the air about the officer's boots.  I'm ruminating on going back to the "hessian"/hussar style.  Thoughts, anyone? 
Who is your Taylor, Foss?

Angled a bit to show off the bicorn

The etching lines makes the stripes on the infantry uniform easier to
paint than it looks.

Back view. Yep, very British.

Me being me, I had to get paint on these guys as soon as I put them together. I almost forgot to take pics of them just assembled! These paint up quite nicely with the details easy to get to. I'm still playing around to get the right reds.

 The officer is wearing Humbrol #60 with a shade of Reaper MSP Crimson red.  The infantry man sports GW blood red with a bit of yellow mixed in for highlighting / fading and the same crimson for shading.  Yeah, I painted the cloth based upon position in the social ladder and quality of material.  There really is no hope for me, is there...

Fresh Horses?

Steel Dragoon V-Rex Automoton!

Say - how did that get in here?!  Tune in next time for more Queen Victoria's Robot Wars prototypes, and a review on Humbrol Acrylics. Actually, is there anyone out there that uses the Humbrol?


  1. Oh but I am looking forward to painting a unit of Steel Dragoons.

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