Project: Secret Project!

Man, have I been away for a spell- but I have a very good excuse! pull up a tankerd of grog and listen to this old salt's tale...
 Here's the skinny. Playing with my kids, I noticed a certain lack of something in our toy box arsenal- so went online to find some ( I know I had seen such things out there in the past... way past).  After talking with gamer grognards and searching the internet seas, and even having my overseas contacts do some leg work for me, I realized what I wanted was no longer available.  Well, being a game designer and toy maker, I decided to take a shot at making my own toys and rules to fill the hole in our fun time.

Now, this is where it gets weird. I made some mock ups, came up with a decent set of gentlemanly yet fun and brutal rules, and showed them to some of my colleagues at a convention to get some feedback.  Things like, " what are you doing showing that here?!" and , "Close that box now!..." made me think that I was either breaking a law or just way off base. Actually, after further discussions, it was deemed that I need to patent the idea.  This process is now taking place, as well as some production versions of the secret project.

This process of patent writing, meeting with manufacturers, making prototypes and masters, playtesting, versioning, etc-  has kept me away from my lovely blog, and even lovely "you's" out there in the bloggy high seas.  Now that things have calmed down to its either gonna happen or not, I can get back to my blog, and maybe painting up a few things, and hopefully be able to share my new project out there with you all soon.  In the mean time, time to get painting again!

Rum and d6's for everyone!

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