Artists workshop: Project Locket

Okay, it's midnight and my mrs. is finally asleep. She thinks I'm up playing World of Tanks, but instead, with tomorrow being her birthday, I'm setting up a locket for her.

The atilier, 2 am. I built a painting desk that I use for guache, watercolors,
and small things like this. It fits on my regular painting table.

I found the locket on Etsy and bought it right away!
Skull and crown locket FTW!

The initials of our children painted with acrylic on Rieves BFK paper. The Robot card is on
100% rag paper as well, done with india ink and acrylic/ mini's paints.
The locket and card were very well recieved- yay for art skills!  Now back to my regularly scheduled painting... almost....

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