Black ships!

A couple of shots of the Black ships that were featured at the end of Jeff Grein's amazingly and appropriatley epic Lord of the Rings game.  These were the ships that I helped him with one night, a while back. But really, never mind the ships so much, look at all those figs!
I think at the end of the battle, no loess than six Oliphants and over one hundred mounted Rohan showed up!  Kudos to Jeff for a great great game!


  1. Thomas,

    It would not have looked as good as it did without help for a lot of people. Your help with the black ships and the loaning of some additional terrain helped greatly to getting this project done. I do need to put this on again for a South Bay event. Give it a couple of months. Maybe a game before The Hobbit premiers.

  2. Very good looking game, figures, ships and all. The city walls look impressive too!