Pirates! Attack on Orky Island

Long view of the table. Orc ships in the distance come to the rescue

Last Pacificon  saw more awesome Pirates! action in the way of a combination sea battle and island attack, ran by my friend Mr. B Miller.  I got to help out here and there with some ships, some cheating (one can do that when one wrote the rules... ) and playing part of the defensive force of goblins in the fort.

Battle Report:
dwarves launch, mindful of the mines in the water
A good view of Orky Island, built by the talented D. Empey!
After the successful capture by the goblins of the Dwarf admiral Sir Stanley Stiltlegs, the Hot porridge dwarf clan attempt a marine landing of the fortress on Orky Island.  As the short boats are launched from galleas and ironclads, they are fired upon by stone throwers and goblin navigators tossing out fireballs, losing 3 rowboats and their crew.

Dwarves hit the beach while the flagship, the SS Ironpants makes a breach in the fortress wall with its cannons.  A huge melee swirls around the fortress as goblins counter attack with Orc Marines and even a troll or two!

After a hard fight, the Dwarves drive back the goblins (or rather slaughtered them) and successfully scaled the walls. Peter Grose, commanding landing party on the right was the first to get his ladders up and over.  In the end the goblins tried running away with their hostage, but were cornered and had to surrender him. Victory to the Dwarves!

As the Goblin leaders beat a hasty retreat, the Dwarf Admiral plays his last card and summons not one, but two love struck Kraken.  Okay, this is a staged shot, but that's how I would have ended the game.

All in all a great time had by all 15 players.


  1. It was a fun game. I'm glad you joined the fray. I'm looking forward to what you are going to be running at PacCon 2012!

  2. WOW! Ths, this is a great looking game!

    David Imrie