Warmaster: Campaign day!

Last weekend we had a campaign day at my work, Cryptic Studios.  We had 8 armies playing, with everyone getting in at least two battles 'ere the day was through. I had three tremendous scrums, and came away with a tie and two wins. Even more so, I had a real blast spending the day with friends.

Some of the Denizens of the Dark game club...

Nils and John R. ponder each others fates.

Nils cleverly rolls another blunder! There were 6 blunders all told.
On the chaos wastes table, Nils and his Bretonian army go up against the high elves. Something about grazing rights... I can't remember who won, but I remember someone saying they used all their lucky dice in that one battle.

the Iron Duke dresses his lines
Empire vs. Elves
Stanley's knights ready to put paid... once that command roll shows itself.
The Wizard tower table was dominated by the "Iron Duke" himself,  Admiral Stanley Stinnett. Not only is Stanley a nice guy (his dice are decidly not) but he is the most prolific painter I know.  These shots show him against Orcs, then later against Elves.

Peter's battle line. He used Giant spiders for Ogres- sweet!
So....This is where I learned the hard way, no matter how many
goblins you have, don't charge hungry trolls.... really!
There were 3 orc armies, which made for quite a smack down. My first battle was against Peter Grose and his green ( and blue) tide. Peter used a combinations of two wizards like horse artillery, to great effect. When all was said and done, I squeaked out a tie.

Warg and wolf Cavalry, lead by a Nazghul ( Orc hero).
This is the only shot I have of my second battle, against John Ryan and his elves. My cav and giant pretty much destoyed them before we could get any pretty pictures ( And that, kids, is smack talk)!

Brian Miller's orcs advance. His Giant went down to magic and
 goblin bow fire in turn one.
Thanks to some great command rolls, I have a great position.
I want to thank everyone that showed up and played, as well as my boss Jack Emmert, and Brion Porter, our head of facilities, for the use of the game room. The next 'Campaign day' will take place over Pacificon convention weekend.

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