Black ships! WIP

Concept inspiration from my,"Art of the Return of the king" book.
With being so busy at work on the Neverwinter game, I decided not to run an "official" game at the upcoming Pacificon/ Conquest Convention in September. Instead, I'm helping support some friends and their games.

My friend Jeff G. is running a huge Lord of the Rings game, and needed some help with his "Black ships".  So, looking in my reference books, I had him over one evening to see what we could knock out.
Another concept. I took the shield and sail patterns from this one.

The ships are to be used in the background of the game, more scenery than "hero" model. Here's what we came up with.

The ship bases were Old Glory, I believe

the gunwales are matt board, wood. Sails and flags are paper and tracing paper.

First time I used tracing paper for the flags. They have a nice "thin" feel. Happy accidents!

Once painted, these guys should look pretty ominous!
 With limited time, my goal was to really play up the sillouette of these bad boys. I'll endeavor to get snaps of these in game.


  1. Nice. These would even be nice in Pirates! These really look the part.

  2. Looking good so far. Interesting and slightly different project for LotR. Look forward to see the finished articles.

  3. Impressive work. Well done. Best, Dean

  4. They have had their coat of black primer applied and now just need the sail work as well as a nice wood/corroded metal look about them.

  5. Jeff, we will have to be sure to get some pics of your no doubt to come- stellar paint jobs. Oh, and You know, the game, which will be smashing!
    Thanks to all for the comments- look on the near horizon for all sorts of ship shennanigans.

  6. Gah! I want to play in that game!!!

  7. Last time I was here I got too busy e-mailing this to a friend that I forgot to comment. :)

    Pretty cool so far! Looking forward to seeing these finished.