Warmaster Orc Army: Finished!

Friday 10:00 pm, exaclty 12 hours before the tournament, I was flocking bases on the last troops of my Warmaster Orc Army.  Here they are! The "orange" fellows are my Urukai, or "black Orcs".
The last 6 units: 3 orc, 2 Orc warg riders, and 1 Urukai, all Copplestone Castings.
I started this army on June 6th, so roughly 5 weeks of work to paint up 23 units, 5 command and 1 mighty giant. Thanks very much to everyone that have stayed with me over the course of this, and for your encouraging comments- which really fueled my getting this project done!
Nazghul's eye view of the mighty Lord of the rings Orc army!

Views of the Van, Right and Left Flanks. 

Center  of the army. Adding this in, becasue it's a pretty good shot of the orcs.

Funny story. I thought the campaign/ tournament starting army size was 1500 pts, so I painted up roughly 1850 points, to give me some leeway in builds ( plus you can acquire units during the campaign by capturing territories...). We actually start out with only 1,000 pts, so I essentially over painted. Lol.

Later this week when I get a chance to clean them up- shots from the Campaign day, and some WIP of my next project. I'll give you a hint- it is  not 10mm!


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  1. Very nice! We will have to do a 1,500 pt campaign next year!