Warmaster: All your base!

Getting closer to finishing my Orc warmaster army, with 3 daysleft and 3 more units to finish! I haven't had time to snap pics of my new stuff, so I'd thought I'd talk about  how Iam basing my warmaster armies. 

An army is only as good as it's bases, I believe Sherman once said. I'm taking this moment to vote with my dollars and to give props to Litko bases. http://www.litko.net/

Litko makes a great line of laser cut plywood in pretty much any size/shape you want, with at least 3 different thicknesses. They also have peel and stick metal or magnet bases to go on the bottom- which for me is crucial when travelling. 

Arrived in the mail late last week- Awesome service from Ken at Litko!

I not only use the Litko bases anything I am not leaving on a slotta base, but I also use some of their markers and totally love the atomic explosion markers out of plexi they make! 

I use these with my 6mm troops. Big boom!

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