Warmaster: Paying Tribute!

The winner of each year's Warmaster campaign is to receive as tribute, one painted unit from each player.

My pal Peter Grose won last year with his stalwart Dwarf army ( I think I was second or third with my Flashy dogs of war).
That being said, I have taken a bit of time away from painting orcs and finished up a wood elf cav unit, and tossed in a command stand for fun.

I have to say, it was fun painting these guys- and gave me a chance ( because what do I care- they aren't mine) to experiment with some ideas concerning colors and the "old paint" style for the horses. If you are wondering... I do have an Entire "Riders of Rohan" Copplestone army in the wings.


  1. Very nice. I like how you varied the coloring of the horses. My daughter would be most pleased with your choices. The banner on the cavalry stand is very nicely done. I'm afraid my poor greenskins have to make do with rather plain and unimaginative banners for a while.