Warmaster Orc Army: Nazghul WIP

Sure I have 16 goblin units to paint.. but come on- Nazghul!!!

I have broken ground on my Warmaster orc army, which I am doing in a Tolkien/Lord of the Rings theme. To build this, I am using a combination of the Games Workshop Battle of Five Armies miniatures, and the wonderful Mark Copplestone  10mmcastings.  If you have never seen these, they are wonderful. Mark if you are reading this, more please!!!
Bases are built up using Magic Sculpt on washers.
First shots, some command. Nazghul will be part of my command, of course. The other figs are for my upcoming Copplestone Rohan/ "Britonian" army.


  1. Looking forward to seeing these projects progress. I love those Copplestone 10mm minis. I have a friend that recently gave me his 2 copies of Battle of Five Armies and various metal blisters, so I'm hoping to do something similar someday. :)


  2. Thanks her Feldmarshall. As I have a game scheduled end of July, I'll have lots more posts in the near future. Funny, painting I have time for; getting the pics of stuff...not always.