Warmaster Orc Army: The army grows!

Finished up my Nazghul, and a goblin command stands. I heart Copplestone Castings!

I am hosting a Warmaster mini convention at my workplace ( we have a large gaming room...yeah, I know...) on the 29th of July for my Warmaster Campaign group. This year I have committed to playing my Orc army instead of my Dogs of War/ Empire force.
Now the rub: None of it was of course, painted...
Who am I to pass up such a great painting challenge for a bit of sleep! Starting last week or so, I have finished 7 goblin units and 3 command stands, with one orc and 3 more goblin units about half done and eagerly awaiting my love!

7 units of goblins from the Battle of Five armies set.
My 1,500 point army, with a few additional units based upon territories won in our campaign, consists of roughly 23 units, depending on build out.

Another shot with command. Added banners to make up
for the munitions grade paint jobs. Hey- they are goblins!
This means I need to finish about 4 units a week, give or take to be ready for the battle on time. I'll try to keep updated as I go, so keep posted!


  1. Very cool. Now I guess I have to get cracking on my troops again. I love the command units.

  2. Orczzzz send more orcsssz

    Man this is really going to be an impressive horde. Let me know if you need a hand base coating a few units.

  3. you'll never have enough orcs and gobs.

  4. Sebastosfig, I fear you may be right. Same think happened with my Empire army! :)Wait till you see my Giant...

    Aron- Oh no- I took this on my self :)

    Blackthrn- see you on the field!

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