Junior Genius Robot school: Part 1

As any good father would, when his child says he wants to build robots- you say...YES!
Not learning from the 3 pigs of yore, we started our first robot projects using a few straight pins and super sculpy. the idea here, i guess was form over function... and to teach my son that your equiptment is always made by the lowest bidder.
Piping hot Robot action!
Straight out of the oven.  I'm going for more of a Wars of the Rivets look, while my son's approach is more... esoteric.  Super Sculpy is non toxic, easy to work, and is generally Junior Genius friendly.
Testing to see if it is cool enough to paint. Patience class is next semester!
 Palette choice is cerulean blue, burnished gold and copper. Hmn.

The creator proudly parades his automaton.
The finished project, still wet but raring to go----- Oh noooooozzzee!
Gravity is a harsh mistress to robots.
Not 30 seconds after completion, the robot was dropped, and shattered! To my great delight and surprise, my son let out a huge laugh and then asked to build a new one! Stay tuned for part 2.

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