VSF Warwick!

Finished up a VSF version of Warwick- The King Maker, just in time for his participation in the battle of Agincourt at Kublicon ran by my good  friend Mike McGraw.

Richard Neville, The Earl of Warwick, aka the King Maker!
Here both Coat of Arms on shield and his banner/ badge are visible.

Great shot of his Dynamic of a pose. Mike McGraw did an awesome job on this conversion!

The Crown on his smoke stack is a nice Kingmaker detail.

Back view

I have about three hours work into this guy, and am pretty happy with the results.

There were a lot of "firsts" for me on this guy; large suit of black and white harness (sure it's anachronistic of Agincourt... but it is a frikkin Mech!) ,  the powersword,  and lots of mud.  I wish I had another hour or two to do some clean up and add more details like white roses to the armor, but I think he'll do just fine.

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