Just got back from Kublacon- had a blast! Thanks for everyone that played in my starship games. There were so many sign ups, that I ran a second game. My previous post to this was the VSF Warwick which my pal Mike McGraw converted and I painted up for him. More on the battle of Aginclank, of which Warwick took part; but after the battle, the painting contest was still open, so I submitted him- and took Silver in the open category, and a bronze for conversion ( Mike- if you are reading this - well done!).

the Earl and his Awards!
 Very happy, considering the competition. Now I am inspired by this Mechanized knights thing. I think I might just start a Wars of the Rivets scenario or two. Definatley gets the gears moving.

"My kingdom for a Clank!:
Or, maybe just a Queen....

Cheers! I'll upload pics of my Kublacon game ( and others I thought cool) asap.



  1. A well earned award. Nice mini and lots of originality. Welll done.

  2. I saw this awesome mini up close. It is very nice. I especially like the way blue energy crackled through the sword.

  3. Thanks Gents- that is very nice of you. it was a fun challenge, and I learned a lot from it. Reinwood99, I got the how to paint the sword straight out of a White Dwarf- so kudos to their heavy metal paint team!