Starship! : EMC Dockyards

Finished the last of the EMC Fleet needed for the upcoming kublacon convention. http://www.kublacon.com/  The game is Saturday morning on the 28th. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hi, or take command of a ship!

Orbital Weapons Platform- class 3 , Rowel. Yeah, like the thingy on spurs...

OWP Rowel. and a class 4 missile ship,  Dresden

Class 4 Battleship, the EMC Yarmouth

Yarmouth's Business end. Very elegant lines are what I love about this model.

Class 4 light Carrier, Lilith, with Battleships Yarmouth and Angmar.
 Now that the ships, Fighters, Mecha, and torpedoes are all done, I get to finish up the 9x 6 space canvas and back drop, as well as an asteroid field.  Hey, I still have two weeks!


  1. Oh, I have done asteroids before and it was very easy. I was planning to do a tutorial on my blog but you need them sooner. :(

    But here is what I did: Get a big car wash sponge, shred, buy florist wire and cut to different lengths, glue wire to washers, prime black, spray coat a brown dusting over black primer, dry brush a medium brown, glue sponge to wire. Done.

  2. Oh love the OWP by the way!

  3. The OWP came out really nice. Looking forward to seeing it at the con.

  4. Thanks guys for the nice feedback!
    Greymatter, awesome ideas for asteroid fields. I'm making mine out of traditional foam, but want to try your technique as well.

    BlackThorn, since I believe you want to be on the S'Tang side, you will see the OWP up close and personal!

  5. See you Kubla Con Saturday. I'm looking forward to the game.