Starship! Fleet Week: The EMC

More ships for my upcoming Starship! game. Here is the European Militaristic Cyber-synthesis, or EMC. Think of them as a mix of Russian WWII meets up with Proto Borg. Lots of bolt-ons!

Class 4's: A missile ship and a carrier.
Class 4 Battleship. heavy armor and shields, and lots of guns!
Class 5 Flagship. Spinal guns and Torpedoes.
In Starship, when you build your fleet/ race, you get to not only choose which ordnance you want, but also traits and tech advances. For the EMC I have chosen the traits Broadsides ( all 45 degree arc guns get +1 to hit) and Aerospace Superiority ( fighters launch farther, dogfight better and do more damage to ships).  The fleet is designed to optimize these traits, so has two carriers, and a battleship/gunship with broadsides of laser lances, the main gun type of the game. Toss in some standard Torpedoes and missiles, a Spinal gun or two, and you have your fleet!

The Fleet in formation: the Class 3 DE is designed to screen the flagship
and shoot down Mecha with batteries of small 180 degree arc "panic" guns.

EMC fleet, starboard side.

I did the designs for the EMC ship models , and Steven Tang did a marvelous job sculpting them! They are really a treat to build, as all the guns, Fighter bays, missile pods, fins,  etc are pieces you glue on- so the variety of ships is awesome!

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  1. Looking very good! This should knock'em dead at Kubla Con.