Starship! Fleet Week: the S'Tang Armada

I've been rather busy painting and a sculpting and a working, but managed to take some quick shots of the two fleets I have painted for my upcoming game at Kublacon.

The first  fleet is the S'Tang Armada: a fire worshiping race, and most of their gun build outs prove it! The ships have both phasing (always target as if +20cm distant) and liquid armor (can move armor boxes around to fill holes in battle) both of which I tried to communicate in the design and the paint job. Most of these sculpts were Done by the talented Steven Tang; I did the others. The S'Tang race, of course, is named after their sculptor.

Class 5  carrier and a gunship, also known as the line breaker

Class 4 ships- watch out for their spinal guns!
 I used black glitter to give the "phasing " look.
S'Tang tactics include sending in a line breaker to soak up fire, get very close and fire broadsides of armor melting Plasma infernos (doing damage to three sides of the targeted ship!) while the smaller class 3 ships flank and fire energy torpedoes at the opposing fleet to get them to break up or lose lots of shields. Once the carriers get close, they and launch a  swarm of medium and heavy Mecha squadrons, which, if they make contact with an enemy ship, can literally rip it to shreds!
Class 3 ships are a combination of torpedo ship and Mecha carrier. !
The mighty armada!

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  1. I really dig the ship designs. I wish I would be at KublaCon this year but alas I will miss it. Hope this game goes over well!