Starship! : EMC Dockyards (WIP)

Building more EMC ships for the upcoming Kublicon game. Here are two class 4's: the upper one is a battleship, Heavy armor and bristling with Laserlances. She'll be called the Angmar.  The lower ship  is a light carrier; by light, I mean she has fewer launch catapults and  carries less squadrons than a normal carrier, but makes up for it with a bit better armor, and some decent fire power.  This particular ship predominently carries light fighter squadrons.  I'm looking for a name for her- any thoughts?
OWP's or Orbital Weapons Platforms. Aka fortresses
Also built up some "Orbital Weapons Platforms", the largest of these will be a Class 3 fortress for the EMC. This one will anchor down the edge of the asteroid field for my game. A very simple conversions from a (magnificent) Firestorm Armada ship.  OWP's don't move much at all, but make up for it with more Build points on every side.


  1. Can't wait to see them at the con!

  2. Which Firestorm Armada ship did you chop up?