Dead Cameras take no pictures...

The moral of this story is- don't put your camera in your back pocket when accompanying your 4 year old down the bouncy house slide. I did this about 4 weeks ago, which of course has slowed down the 'Ol blog a bit. but fear not! I have recently purloined a new Sony HR1 camera, which makes even me take pictures like a pro!
Long live my trusty point and shoot!
So, looks like blog is back on the menu boys!


  1. Er, ah, hahahahaha, "so what's new and exciting in your life" translates to "any new unexpected exspenses recently?" Glad you have regained the picture taking ability! Only thing that gets me is the greater amount of features they try to cram into each new generation of cameras, that I typically, fail to use, cause I just want some simple shots!
    Back to coffee!

  2. Oh Alfrik, mine has plenty of bells and whistles, but mostly it has a great lens. I can also set the focus manually, which, when I remember my old camera training, might be pretty cool!