I am currently working on a rewrite of our old Starship! rules, more of a gleaning and cleaning than anything else, which will help me run convention games better. Mostly I am doing this because I am currently excited about building and painting space ships.  Speaking of ships...

A busy paint table is a happy paint table!
A shot of the S'Tang fleet in "dry dock". The two racial traits of the S'Tang are phasing,IE they are always hard to hit, and liquid armor which gives them the ability to move armor boxes around on their ships- quite handy in a fire fight! To represent these traits, I am trying to get a crustacean like look to the main body, and then mixing it up with some black and white/gold glitter for the "phasing" part.

EMC Fleet in line of battle  with a CAP of fighters

An Admiral's eye view of the S'Tang Armada with
 Fighters and Mecha mixing it up in the center.

Deep in the battle! S'Tang ships firing short ranged, devastating Plasma infernos.
   I have had the good fortune to get a few playtests in for the upcoming game I'm running at Kublicon. Here are a few shots of one playtest at the Sount Bay Game Club.  Starship! uses our battle poles to create 3D action, which makes for an aesthetic as well as tactically fun game.  Note the squadrons of fighters, mecha and torpedoes on the game mat.


  1. Hmmm, "what no battleships??" I mean, are you not supposed to make the mega sized ship that will only rarely get to the game field first!! Well, hmmm good sense strikes! Yay!

  2. Alfrik- The size 4 ships are classed "battleship", or "carrier", depending on how you build them out. The system is such that you have X build points per ship per side, so you get to fill them in as you want, with some exceptions. Building ships is as much fun as wielding them in combat!

  3. Looking good! Wish I was going to Kublacon. :(