STARSHIP! - Launch all fighters!

A seletion of Fighter chits for the game.

I thought I'd post a few shots/ scans of  my fighter and Mecha squadron game pieces I just painted. These are for a game we (Flagship Games)  published about a decade ago called Starship! these are 20- 20 "flats, representing various sizes/classes of fighters and Mecha that one can purchase for their capital class ships. I am currently rewriting, cleaning up and "updating" the rules with a colleague, James "numbers" Laird. We've just about finished and I hope to run a game or two at an upcoming convention soon.

Light (yellow), Medium (blue)  and heavy (red) figthers.

Mecha! Testing colors, trying to get some contrast.

Stay posted for more shots of ship fleets, and the game in action!


  1. I survived the design and playtesting of Starship, and I approve!

    - Rod

  2. Next, the Carrier! to get all them lil scuppers to the battle area! :)

  3. Thanks guys- Yes Alfrik pictures of ships, torpedoes and Mecha forthcoming!