Warmaster Napoleonics: The Battle of PeterPaperinhauf

Top down view of the battle at Turn 2 or 3. Note the Marshal's batons in action!

The French forces March to the village, as the Austrians pour over the bridge.

This weekend I ran a Warmaster Napoleonics game in 6mm (aka Warnappies, or wee nappies to my jocular gaming mates) at my club the South Bay Game Club. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/southbaygameclub/
The "historic" battle takes place circa1809, between Austrian forces facing French, Westphalian, and Wurtenburg troops. The objective is to capture the two bridges and the key village of PeterPaperinhauf.

The game had 10 players and a corps of infantry ( at 20/1 scale) and a division or two of cavalry per side. Considering that over half the players were new to the Warmaster rules system, the game came off smoothly with a decisive conclusion after 6 full turns of maneuver and battle.

Napoleon's daughters, just before the Austrian Ulan's captured them.

Later in the battle- Austrians well invested in the village
French Left Flank.  Dismounted dragoons skirmishing,  French in square,and all those Austrian flags in the Village!

In this shot you can see the "Paper village". It was a gift by the talented Pete Michaels, so is named after him.  The Statue at the fork in the road commemerates Baron Fossmeisterhaus soundly trouncing the Austrians in the 7yrs war- a game that Pete Ran last year. He was the Austrians in that Scenario too. Pete has the 28mm version (which I presented to him) for his own Village.

Key moments in the Battle
• As the main part of the scenario was bringing your division to the site of the battle on time, each player rolled randomly for the location of entry.
• Austrian Cavalry generals Pete Michaels and John Sullins captured 6 batteries of French guns, ( out of 7 total) many caught while still limbered! Napoleon was not amused...
• General Michaels broke 2 French squares with his Cuirassiers.
• The Westphalian General du Division, Gary Price rolled a blunder, which made him impetuously charge the village with a brigade of his finest- and almost took it!
• The French squares on the left flank, commanded by General IX, obliterated all of the Austrian light cavalry that dared come near it.
• The Village was firmly taken and held by GD McHugh. Much to his surprise as everyone elses!

By the end of the day the Austrians had decidedly won the battle by taking and holding all three objectives, and pulling the teeth out of the French artillery and cavalry!

Thanks to all that played ! As I love my Napoleonics and love to tourture you all with my 6mm troops, we will be doing more battles in the near future!


  1. Great report and some wonderful photos there! You did a good job capturing the game not the gamers. Really liked the ariel shots and love the square table, what was the size 4x4? Amazing that you could cram all those 6s into that space. Very nice, very nice.

    The batons look most excellent.

  2. Nice looking game as usual :)

  3. It's fun doing "Warmaster battle reports" and stumbling upon some of your, Thomas!

    1. Kelios- that is fun! Glad you found me!