WIP: Skeleton Cavalry

I built this unit of skeleton cavalry about two years ago, just before my daughter was born. The idea was inspired by the old Games Workshop mounted skeleton ( the one I painted fully) and the old Dios de la Meurtos charging Don Quixote wood cut that I grew up with as a kid. The animation on that is just the best!

Posada Calavera's Don Quixote- This is without equal!

My goal for this unit was to bring it up to "painting competition" level, but alas, time and family had other plans. Hating to see a good thing collect dust, and with my pal Peter's birthday coming up, I gave the unit to him. Peter is an awesome painter who is currently building up his undead forces. I get to see these babies completed in style, and he gets a cool unit for his army!  And of course to follow his painting of the unit ( hint hint Peter) here is his blogsite !

With a Lieutenant.

"Dead Richard"- I love this old GW fig
Some shots taken before I passed the mantle. Happy Birthday Peter!


  1. You ought to link to Peter's blog from this post so we can track his WIP.

  2. Great Idea Aron- Done and done!