Warmaster: Marshal's Batons

One for every backpack!

 Front and back views of finished batons. They are marked out in 10cm incriments, with the center line at 15cm. In the end, I went for the "real" gold over NMM style. What can I say, I just love shiny!

The Guard carefully measures its charge!
 These finished up quicker than I thought. I think the trick is to not be too fiddly with exact shapes, like the stars and eagles-  and be more "Painterly". It's much more about the statement. Nuff said.


  1. Holy crap! Those are awesome!!! Wish I could join you guys on the 22nd. Be sure to take some snaps of Pete M. smacking some subordinate with that.

  2. Perfect for discipling the troops!

  3. Thanks guys! Aron, I'm hoping to get some decent shots of the battle, to post here.