Warmaster: Marshal’s batons WIP

I am always looking for ways to create a more immersive and aesthetic setting when I run games. In a couple of weeks I’m running a Warmaster Napoleonics battle, and while making some gun sticks for the cannon, I decided to make some measuring sticks as well. Marshal’s batons – kind of a no brainer! I had made a couple previously out of wooden 18” rulers, so kind of have the technique down.

A shot of the wood (basswood), cut to 30cm, with the basic baton paint job; the “caps” are made of matt board and glued on.

Here you can see the flip side with the baton painted in 10cm increments for measuring. I used my back saw to score the sections for easier reading/ painting of the edges. My original plan was to paint just the center section red, but there was some splash over of the flips sides color on the sticks, so I painted/primed them in grey. I will most likely paint over that with white. Note, the caps do not extend past the stick.

I know they don’t look like much yet, but I wanted to share the process. Next step is the detail bits of stars, fleur de lis, laurels, etc, and the end caps. I am currently on the fence to do them in metal (shiny gold) or NMM gold.

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