Project Lustria: Part 3

A few shots of the finished Lustria terrain pieces. Happy Christmas Mr. Clark!  I'll be making a set for myself, and expanding to larger temples, and possibly multiple plaza sections that can fit together.  For this terrain set, I decided to keep the mostly unpainted ruins look- as if the Lizardmen abandoned it long ago, then rediscovered it and started making new sacrifices.
Temple, ruins, plaza and spawning pool
The top piece comes off for easier storage and transport.
Temple complete with sacrificial orc head

Ruins and spawning pool


The reason I started this project was that I own a dogs of war warmaster army, and wanted a new and exciting terrain place to play games. I set up the pieces and took some shots for scale and, well, coolness!
A small Dogs of war force search for Lustrian gold!
Crossbow unit use the temple top for a better field of fire.

  Over all I am pretty pleased with the outcome, and I think that the foam I used for the plaza and bases for the other pieces is a total winner! I'm going to try it next for making roads and some woods next.



  1. Yeow! Now that's going to be a great fight, my lizards vs. you conquistadors!

  2. Yep- Now we both need to get our "jungle" trees all finished up!