Warmaster Wizard's Ship Tower

Completed the second tower for my Warmaster game. I'm pretty happy as to how it turned out, and also glad I stopped where I did- as there was so much potential with this model! I think I want to do one now in 28mm for a Mordheim city, where I can really go crazy with details.

Top down view, with the owning wizard kicking back with a bottle. As an Homage to Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards", This guy's secret power was the cannon with 100cm range, and a commanding view of the battle field.

The Two Towers of Plavia
Here is a shot of both the finished Towers together, with a unit of Reiters.


  1. Brilliant tower - well done :-)

  2. Much oblig'd Kasper- My goal is to be as prolific as you some day! Say- Paint up those great guns of yours, and come over the pond to sunny California, and we'll have a game or two!

  3. Looks great! I'm glad to see the fully finished product. I'd love to see what you could do with a 28mm version. :D

  4. Blckthrn, when I do the 28mm version, I'll be sure to use it in a Pirates! game with you.