Warmaster Wizard's Tower #2

One week to go before Pacificon, and I finally got the second tower built for my "Battle of Plavia" warmaster game. The towers owned by duelling wizards will be the main capture points in the game. This particular design was inspired by an old G.W. terrain piece in 28mm, that I saw in a White Dwarf too many years ago. Being a bit of a salty dog, (no relation to Saxon Dog) I couldn't pass up the idea to make my own.
Like the first tower, the base is wood (1.5 inch square stock) and the stone work is made of Super Sculpy. I'll fill in the "lighthouse" tower with some spackle to give it that Elizabethan look.

The ship is made from basswood and styrene plastic- the same way I created my masters for the pirate ships for my Flagship Games Pirates! line. I added a couple of windows from a mordhiem sprue, and finished off bits like the roof with card stock. The ship is a bit slap-dash; my goal was to be able to finish building the piece in under 3 hours, not including drying and firing time. Getting the "feel"  or gesture of the tower was more important than always having a straight line. I just kept asking myself, What would Terry Gilliam do?" and then wish I could do it 1/100th as cleverly.

A top down view of the ship and deck.  enough room for a unit of troops, or a cannon and the wizard in charge. I think it stands to reason that a wizard that has a converted light house and Cog as a house would mix magic and gunpowder.!

The total (current) height of the tower is 25cm.


  1. So awesome and so disappointed I'll be missing this one. We will have to set it up in your sun room next time Grant is out.

  2. Looks great! Can't wait to see it finished next week.

  3. Perhaps a concession to land lock-edness and put a weather vane on the top? ;)

  4. A 10mm Weather vane- I accept the challenge! :) bIt will definatley need some rigging and lots of colourful flags to be sure.

  5. Say, isn't that the small galleon master? ;)

    As always, excellent work my friend!

  6. Battle Report Please! Pics of the Convention battle???

  7. Rod- its the smallest Galleon master!
    Alfrik- battle report on the way- need to clean up some pics.