Warmaster: Empire crossbow

Two crossbow units for my upcoming battle. Once you get the hang of how to paint 10mm troops so they “pop” when you are looking at them on the battlefield, they are really quite fun to paint up.

The first is a  nod to the Tillean/Italian wars crossbowmen; the pavises are made from the ends of stir sticks, a cool tip I got from my pal Grant.  In the game, this unit will be considered "defended" vs. missile fire.
 Behind them is a command stand  in the same colours.

A purple and yellow unit. This is a quick repaint over one of the units I scored for a song off of ebay. The original was glossy ochre and red, and well, globby. My goal for these repaints is I only get one night to make them shiny. Here I turned one of the figures and made him a standard bearer. Came out decent for a couple hours work.

I have about 12 more units, 5 griffons, and 8 more command stands left to do for my game!


  1. I like the way the figures don't just disappear into the game mat!

  2. Necron- I find that the smaller the figure, the brighter you have to paint it so it shows up. Easy with gaudy landsknecht types; a bit more of a challenge with German WWII cammo patterns. :)

  3. Excellent layout...looks like the table goes on forever.

  4. Thanks Cptn. The table is a 5x6 foot canvas matt that I paint up. It fits two "standard" folding tables, aka my game table. I'll be posting how I make the game matts as soon as I get decent images of the process.