The Battle of Plavia

 What happens when two of the Empire’s most powerful wizards use all their powers to teleport their respectable towers to the same beautiful landscape? Envy, avarice and total war, of course!

For Pacificon this year I ran a refight of the "historic" battle of Plavia, using Games Workshops Warmaster rules ( fortified with Warmaster Ancients and Medieval). Plavia is the battle best known in the annals for the extinction of several breeds of griffons, thus making them a rareity in the world.

How many Griffons can you spot in the picture? How many Giant hands?

The year is 1797. Count Otto Van Drak has mysteriously died without an heir. The Empire is in turmoil and entire city states become armies for hire. Even the famed griffon cavalry regiment of Baron Le Fleur has turned dogs of war. Van Drak’s kingdom, the fertile duchy of Plavia, is unguarded and open and for the taking. Two wizards great wizards staked claim, and with terrible magics and mighty mercenary armies, vied for supremacy and control of the portal which sits upon a hill in the fields of Plavia.

Pike brace themselves against Pistoliers. In the background, Swords men claim the central hill with the coveted portal.  This hill changed hands 3 times during the battle.

Regiements on review. Note spyglasses in the corner.
Each of the 8 players commanded a force of roughly 1,000 points of either Empire or Dogs of War regiments.  Two of the players commanded the Wizards and the towers, all the others had at least one hero mounted on a Griffon. For this battle I allowed heroes to personally challenge each other, which they did with abundance. Many a hero went down in single challenge combat.

 For the game I painted up the 6 griffons and about 4,000 pts worth of troops, along with the two towers and a new gaming mat. My pal, Admiral S. Stinnett supplied another 4K woth of Empire and DoW. Stanley is a powerhouse of painting!

 An example of a Dogs of War Force. Except for a few block of pike, this was all painted up new for the game. I use a giant in place of the "Tuska", because, well, I have one. The Galloper guns are Magister Millitum conversions. The pavises for my cross bow are made from stir sticks- they look great and you only have to paint up half as many crossbow!  Nothing like a convention deadline to get those creative juices and brushes  flowing!

Command stands review after action reports around the captured wizards tower.

 The player commanding the wizard chose to teleport him into the battle below, taking with him all magic charms and protections-  literally left the door open! Two of the griffion riding heroes from the opposing side swooped down and captured it , thus ending the battle. Everyone had a great time, and there was much jovial rivalry.

 Folks liked the game so much, I set it up again and we played again in the afternoon ( fortified with a few pints of course). Kudos to Mr. Dave Partak  who ran the miniatures section of the convention. Dave Rules O.K.!


  1. It was a great game and I am glad you got some good pictures to commemorate the game. Fantastic terrain and figures!

  2. Wow, looks like an awesome time. How is cool is it that you could play that huge game twice in one day? Very cool I'd say

  3. Thanks Necron- now that we have this all, time to bring your armies over for a row!

    Aron- Yes, gotta love Warmaster that way. Great players and lots of fun was had. You were missed indeed. Game soon?

  4. Read the article with eyes half open while tanking up on coffee... misread the line:
    " the fertile duchy of Plavia" as "the fertility duchess of Plavia".... lol

    Nice figs and good battle report!

  5. Dog, your stuff is constantly inspiring me to raise the bar, and move quicker! Thanks!

    Alfrik- I think you read it entirley correctly!

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