Wings of War: more planes for the grist.

Two more plane re-paints for our lunch time Wings of War campaign.

George Von Hautelmann

The first was an easy job, for one of my workmates. Taking Shafer's Dr. VII , I cleaned it up, put a wash on the red, repainted guns and engine, then repainted the "perriwinkle" tail to a truer blue. then I painted in the skull and cross bones.

Freidrich Sternberg

I saw this "fictionally historic" plane and ace while watching the latest Red Baron movie.  According to the end of the movie text, several Jewish pilots flew for the Germany in WW1, many of them were aces. Sternberg's plane was an homage to them.

This was a bit more challenging. Repainted the wood grain, reproduced and cleaned up the lozenge cammo pattern on the tail, and added all the black, stars, and the star of David. Sternberg's tail had some writing on it but I could not see exactly what it said, so I went with La'chaim, or to life!


I added the ball and pivot magnet. I like the way these work.  I got them here, as well as the smoke and fire markers, which I totally reccomend

This plane still needs a "spinning" prop.

Fur ball over no man's land. The Allied Anti aircraft guns has hit a Roland.!


  1. Fantastic! The guys at the Edinburgh club have played this game. I need to try it out.

  2. Great stuff! I have all of the WWI airplanes, so I love the idea of augmenting them with fire, smoke, pivots, etc. I'm definitely going to be investing in those. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Hmmmm most campaigns get updates and such, so that those of reading and seeing all this great stuff get to know the who's who and who's leading!

  4. Thanks all for your kind words!

    Dog- give it a try! the real fun in the game is out guessing the other players, as turns are plotted 3 moves at a time. Total screw your pal kind of game that I love!

    Reinwood99- all the planes? I am so jealous! good luck with the pivots. Note, on 2 seater planes, sand the ball bearing a bit. It will stop the plane from tilting.

    Alfrik- Campaign stuff forthcoming.

  5. Graphic War planes looks very owesome. Please update more information about War planes because now it is most popular in military.

  6. We used the planes for a game of BoB. Unfortunately, the magnetic gimbles do not work with the Battlepoles. I'm going to have to drill holes in the bottoms of the planes so the nipples will fit.

    I will add that the range of altitude allowed by the Battlepoles makes for a much nicer aesthetic than the little plastic poles that come with the planes.

  7. Rod- I totally argee with you that battle poles will be cooler. I just haven't gotten to that stage yet.

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