Werner Voss

The very first plane model I ever built was a Revell's Werner Voss' Fokker Dr 1 Triplane. He has kinda been my personal Ace hero; it may just be because our names are similar, or maybe I just love his plane colors. 
It made perfect sense to me that the first wings of war conversion I did was to paint up Voss' triplane.

Voss in Flight. Much debate on his actual paint color schemes. I decided to split the difference and paint my version as cool as possible!

Top view with painted card to match

Front view. Propeller is made of blister pack plastic, with gloss medium and a bit of brown paint for the prop blur.


  1. Nice conversion! I loved that Ravel kit too. I had one but it was lost somewhere over the years.

  2. Nice work as usual. I love seeing all of the awesome models you guys post. It inspires me to keep hacking away with my own painting.

  3. I especially like the prop blur effect, adds character to the model that compliments the color scheme of the airship :)