Wings of War

During lunch at work, I have started a Wings of War campaign. I love these rules, as they are very fast, fairly clean, and the game is quite aesthetic with plenty of room to expand to taste.

I wanted to paint up a really detailed “birds eye view” of the trenches, but as I was limited on time, I decided to do a map, based on an old map from the Red Baron 2 video game. This took about 3 hours over all, and I think it came out pretty well.

A portion of the  game mat with the original map, from which I took the design. Note the demarked Allied and German air bases on each side of no man's land. We use these for starting positions.


  1. This is one of those games that I've never really groked. Good to see you are all playing it. I have day dreams of working up the star wars variant that's posted out at BGG. You'll have to school me on this one afternoon.

  2. I love how the map came out and I think it adds a lot to the

  3. Sweet map! Hmmm....Star Wars version? Might have to look into that...

  4. Star wars would be fun- but you'd probably want to use something more in line with the WW2 plane cards. Neat idea though!

    Aron, come on over, we'll play and I'll teach you as much as I know. It's a lot like playing Condattierri (sp?) in terms you get to screw over your pals.

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