Warmaster Wizard Tower #1 WIP

For an upcoming game I am running at Pacificon, Two wizards have teleported their respective towers to the plains of Plavia, and of course must fight over who stays. This means I need two wizard towers for the game, so set to work. This first tower I went with a more traditional stone look with some GW detail bits to help give it a more fantastic look.

The Center of the tower is a piece of wooden pole .I used super sculpy to create the stone work. This shot has a unit of goblins, for scale.

A shot with the details, and some clean up using Magic Sculpt (akin to Milliput); learn from my mistakes and use a piece of wood that has no cracks in it! Each time I fired the sculpy, a new crack would appear in my piece. Sculpting over all took me about 2 hours. next step, painting


  1. Very nice! I have always wanted to use sculpy for this purpose but could not figure out how to do the interior in such a way that it would not melt or burn. Wooden dowel is a great idea!

  2. Thanks Necron. The wood gives a strong foundation which you can shape to your needs, and saves on how much sculpy or epoxy putty you use. Best of luck!

  3. Plus, it looks like you're trying to make a giant penis in the first photo! I had no idea they made flesh tone Sculpy...

    As always, your toys are the best looking Mssr. Foss!

    Now, how about a tutorial on making your world famous boccage? I need to make some myself and could use a refresher course.