Bomber Jacket Pt 1

Rough lay out

I used to do a lot of reenactment and swing dancing. We'd dress up as 8th army Air Corps- fun times and lots of nice ladies with whom to dance. Honestly though, the Sailors were always the best dancers, and got the gals. Some things never change!
Back then, I painted up a bunch of A2 bomber jackets for everyone, to match their (fictitious) planes. Ours was the "Golden Gate Gal". Sadly, I can't find any of the pics from back then.
So... about 2 years ago, my uncle handed me his bomber jacket and asked me to paint a "Vargas Gal' on the back like they used to back. Normally the gals were painted on the A2's not the heavy coats, but how do I know that some lads didn’t paint their heavy coats too?

In Progress
Just about finished
Waiting the final highlights and some clean up around the edges. This was done with Acrylics. The original jackets that I have seen were painted in oils and enamels. Basically anything the guys could find.


  1. Love it Ths! Years agao I did something similar but nothing to this standard!

  2. Be sure to post a photo of your uncle wearing that.

  3. Cool and nicely done! Definitely need to see some pics of your uncle wearing the final version.

  4. Dog, you and I often walk to the same tattoo, it seems. I rather like that! I'll try to get a pic with the Uncle,good idea. He lives up in Nevada, so not sure if I'm delevering it or sending it.

  5. I like the A2 bomber jackets themselves. That is classic shearling leather of the type made before nylon and polyester took over.