Special Guest Artist!

Cake in Progress

I never say it enough- my wife is Awesome! 
My son Nolan just turned 3, and requested a Lightning McQueen Cake. My wife Maria made this in about 5 hours, including mixing the cakes up and baking them. Decorating time she said took about three hours

Ka-Chow! The gravel is actually chocolate rocks.

Nolan with his cake. Three candles coming out of the exhaust!

I am hoping to cajole her into making a castle cake. As we breach it, we can cut pieces out and eat them!


  1. That is awesome! Hope you get your castle cake.

  2. Happy Birthday Nolan! That Cake is fantastic!!

  3. Maria scores major mom points for this one, but how will she top this next year? :)

  4. Thanks Gents- Dog, I'll pass your Birthday wishes along. Blkthrn, not to worry, she'll do it, and with Aplomb! Last years cake was a curious George banana Rocket cake. This year, up until 3 days before the party,himself wanted a purple train cake, then changed his mind. No cake survives contact with the enemy!

  5. Hmmmmm and just what kind of mileage did it get? ;)

  6. I bet Nolan was blown away. Or perhaps he just thinks everyone has super cool and highly talented parents so it is no big deal. :)