Warmaster- Dogs of War

General and Hero

13 of us have started the campaign season tournament of Warmaster, a game which I thouroghly enjoy, both for how the rules play, and for the 10mm Spectacle. I've got four games under my belt so far, with a win, a draw, and two losses- although one was a VERY close run thing!

Pictures thanks to Peter Grose ( aka the 9 days old Porridge Dwarf king) who also bested me!

2 squads of reiters and a tercio of pike and swordsmen, await me to get a decent orders roll to get them to the other side of the bridge!

The Paymaseter and Wagon!

A couple of shots of my Tercios. The Pike are converted Empire halberdiers. Better shots to follow.
Rieters finally make it across the bridge, and have to deal with John Sullin's elephants! I pushed them back 3 times, but could not break them.
The 9 days old Porridge contingent, commanded by Peter Grose. Man, but dwarves are tough!


  1. 10mm, Alfrik.