Zaporoskiye Brigade

I finished up this tank destroyer brigade for a friend's Hammer's Slammer's game at Celesticon, coming up October 24th weekend. The brigade is built from the wonderful Old Crow 15mm models, with some customization, conversions and details added (see my workbench pictures, below). The Zaporoskiye Brigade is a mercenary unit David Drake's "Hammer's Slammer's" novels, of which I am a huge fan. The paint scheme is a total homage to Mr. Kevin Dallimore's 28mm versions. If you are going plagiarize, might as well do it from one of the best! http://www.kevindallimore.co.uk/HEAVY%20TANKS/index.html
The decals, stowage/detail bits and tank commanders are Flames of War. Up gunned barrels on the tanks are brass/copper/styrene mix.
This whole project from cleaning to varnishing took about 10 hours, as they needed to be on table for play-testing on time. I am pretty pleased with the results.


  1. Well the photos came out great, there are some very interesting perspectives there with the sloping dune in the background and the uneven table.

    Anyone interested in Celesticon can find out more here: http://www.celesticon.com/

    10 hours?!? I just read that bit.

  2. Yep 10 hours. You said you needed them by That Friday :) Lol, that is why the head lights aren't painted, and the windows could still use a gloss coat. The airbrush really did most of the work, and using the GW foundation paints for the yellow/gelb helped speed things up a bunch. the game matt is one I made. I might do a blog on how some day.