The work bench

I finally got around to taking some shots of my new workbench. It measures 6 feet by 22 inches, and stands 34 inches high. I built a divider in the near middle that separates my computer/writing area from the painting table. This also serves as a screen stand- I set my screen on it, and can watch movies from my computer, or have images up for reference.

Below I keep my writing table, which goes up on the computer area, with an easy tucking forward of the keyboard and mouse. The workbench is flanked by bookshelves (the entire room has them built in-my wife's desk is opposite mine in the room) so all my reference is within easy reach.

I picked up some 14x17x4 inch boxes at the container store, (the brown ones in the images) that I am using to store projects in; this was necessary as Nolan (my son) can reach the bench- so things need to be stowed for the most part. Himself has his own toys and soldiers in his own box next to the table.
Note that this is the least cluttered it will ever be. I seem, like many of my miniatures collegues, to create a vortex of stuff on my painting table that allows only a rough 10x 12 inch area of actual work space. You don't believe me, look at your own table.

the last image kinda shows that, with some 15mm sci fi Old Crow tanks in their conversion stage. These get painted up as neo Russians, or the  Zaporoskiye Brigade, ala Hammer slammers, and a total homage to Kevin Dallimore's paint jobs in 28mm. More pics on them later; I already delivered them, and didn't have time to take pics of them finished.

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