The push of pike

Two more units which get used in both my Renaissance armies and as a warhammer Empire/ dogs of war army. The pike block is a conversion from Games Workshop plastic figs, picked up for cheap at flea markets. The Flag with crossed swords is that of a famous German Commander, Georg von Frundsburg. That's him in the front rank, wearing his orange sash and wielding his trademark halberd. The other standard proclaims yours truly as the rightful Elector count. The forlorn hope is made of Foundry conquistadors and landsknechts.


  1. Your army is looking very nice - good to see those Warhammer figures being used for historical games.

    Keep the posts coming.


  2. Thanks very much Peter. A provost in one world is a wizard in another! GW always seem to blur the edges of history, and traditional stories;I guess I'm just reversing the order. the plastic "Empire" figs are easy to find cheaply, great models and easy to convert.And now with the Perry's and Victrix joining the wagon, the sky is the limit.

  3. How do Victix, Perry, Foundry, and Warlord stack up to one another?


  4. Ahoy Eli- I think Victrix and Perry mix quite well; Check out Saxon Dog's blog to see what he is doing with them.


    Foundry are always nice figs. I have only seen a few Warlord figs; I think that they are a little less detailed than some, but just as or more detailed than the early GW empire fig. I am going to fill in my Vikings with Warlord.

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