Imperial Guard Punisher, part 1

Currently at work we have a lunch time 40k tournament going on, (yeah, I have that kind of job) and my beloved guard are getting clobbered by too many marines, chaos, and well, mostly everything. I have a couple of Leman Russ tank models in reserve; time to bring them out for some heavy hitting! I am converting one tank into a “Punisher” variant before my next game against Tyranids. I scratch built the Gatling barrel out of styrene plastic stock, and then laid down the base colors with rattle cans, using grey auto primer and Taimiya dark yellow (TS-3 is the number) color for plastic models. If you have never used the Taimiya paints, they are kinda like a lacquer, dry quickly and go on very smoothly; very good for plastics, but not so great on metals without a primer first. I primed the barrel black. To get the dazzle pattern, I simply did a tape job.
The vehicle next to it is a Forge world mechanized cyclops bomb. I’ll be using it as my test for colors, and hey, while you are spraying, might as well hit as many models as you can.

Next steps, painting and detailing, and the tank ace driver.

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