White company: Sir Nigel Loring

I've just finished reading the White Company, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Can't believe I never read it as a kid, and happy to consume it now!

 In honor of the story, and because I have some beautiful minis from Claymore Castings, I'm going to (slowly) do up a unit or three of the White Company. Not so much the historical unit, but the fictional characters in the book. Here's my first stand, with Sir Nigel Loring, one of the Leaders of the group that travels to France while Sir John Hawkwood, the main commander of the White Company is off with his part of the mercenary force in Italy.

The standard bearer is riding a Perry miniatures plastic horse. 

Lorings Arms are 5 roses on a field of white. I've been schooled since I made this that the swallow tail pennon was more French than English, so I may have to redo the banner.
Now, to order some more English Longbow!


  1. I like it, the figs and the flag.
    You could cut the tail off but swallowtail type pennons apparently came into use in England in the early 13th Cent.

  2. The swallow-tail pennons became commonly used by English leaders of the Wars of the Roses (I have a booklet of them), roughly a century after Hawkwood's time. It is possible that the White Company used the Continental style, that being their theatre of operations.

    I read 'The White Company' as an 10-year-old in the form of a 'Classic Comic'. Years later I found the companion novel 'Sir Nigel', a prequel published 15 years after 'WC'. I have a feeling that Conan Doyle was not really at home with historical novels. I also read 'Micah Clarke', and found it also not very compelling reading.

  3. Nice figures, I'm reading my third biography of Hawkwood at the moment, I quite liked the white company, loved the adventures of gerard ( napoleonic tounge in cheek biography of one of French hussar) Lovely characterful sculpts, really nicely painted!
    Best Iain

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