Mecha!: Zentraedi War Pod

I've got my mind on my Mecha, and my Mecha on my mind

Back in the Late 80's my self and a group of college buddies launched a new game company called Seventh Street Games. The name was the based upon the street where the house that most of them lived. Our first foray into actual publishing and making models was a game called Mecha! "An Explosive System for Science Fiction Combat!" The rules turned out pretty well and were distributed to many stores across the states- it almost ended up paying for the publishing costs- but it was a great spring board into my career. And because of that, and the fondness of mech combat, I'm dusting off the old rules, seeing what still works well, and then updating them for 21st century game play.

Here's the cover, and  the Intro, that basically explains the game approach.

Rules Cover

Intro Blurb

Mech Models: Then and now

Back in the day we were really trying to recreate the fantastic Macross genre fights between all the Zendraeti  mechs vs the stalwart human pilots in their Veritech mechs. The trouble was, those models were rarer than hen's teeth to find, even though I lived next to some of the best stores in Japan Town for a source.

But those days are now over!

Thanks to the Robotech Kickstarter, both Veritech and, more importantly the Zentraedi War Pods (my personal favorites) are very easy to come by via Ebay and flea markets. I scored a bunch and although a bit smaller than the old school models ( a pod measures 70mm to the end of it's top barrels)  the details are tight and models are easy to assemble- and fun to paint!

Examples of model sprues

War Pod Test!

here's my first war pod test paint. I based it on a wonderful blog post that I found by Collection DX
Which features some nice weathering and the grey legs instead of the typical white.  Here's my take on that theme.

Death on a stick!

My war pod is mounted on a battle pole using the battle nipple (yeah, it needs a new name) That I had cast up for my starship! game and models a decade ago.  I may update it, but honestly it works really well, and protects them models much better than having magnets as an attachment.

So, we'll see how this shakes out- I am keen on painting up a slew of these and getting the gang back together for some battles! Stay tuned for more!

Oh, if you have any of your own mechs to share, I'd love to see them. Also looking for any extra decal sheets :)


  1. Wow, that looks great! Very striking color scheme, and that you are using your old rules is interesting too.

    I heard a lot of complaints that the Robotech fighters were a pain to assemble, did you find that to be the case?

  2. Thanks Lasgun- The Regult model was actually quite easy to assemble. I'm starting on a Veritech (the humans) and so far also pretty darn easy. Some fiddly bits but nothing major. More on that one soonly.

  3. I recall seeing those rules - we went with Mekton instead. Great looking pod. After a recent move, I rediscovered some 1/72 kits that have been gathering dust - they do not look easy to assemble. FYI there are 95 ish episodes of Macross on Netflix now.

    1. Pat G - Mekton is still a thing? We had articles in their mag, way back when! can you hook me up with any links or contact info? Very cool you found those kits. The older ones where a challenge to build and even more so to keep the legs from falling off. Thanks for the Netflix tip!